Attract Owls To Your Yard

Attract Owls To Your Yard

OWL-Bout the OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box with OwlView™

Welcome to OwlReach!  We are so excited you are here to explore and learn more about these amazing owls. There are twenty-one species of screech owls known today and all of them are found in the Americas. Here in North America the Eastern and Western Screech Owls are found frequently in back yards and woodland areas.

What many people don’t know is that these amazing little owls often find it challenging to locate and secure naturally occurring homes in nature which, often consist of nesting cavities abandoned by woodpeckers. This lack of habitat can be caused by high-density housing developments as well as other forms of deforestation. Enter the OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box with OwlView™  . . .

The OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box with our OwlView™ roosting entrance is a proven favorite spot for screech owls (and saw-whet owls) to roost and raise a family thanks to its sturdy craftsmanship and perfect sizing for one of America's favorite owls. Our unique OwlView™ opening and roosting window is ideally suited for viewing these magnificent birds while sitting comfortably in your home or yard. While most nest box openings are just small enough to allow the birds access, our OwlView™ roosting window gives both adults and baby owls plenty of room to sit, roost and observe the world around them. And best of all, they will be easy to observe by you and your family. 

In the fall of 2010, we discovered this ourselves when we got to see our first, front yard screech owl residents roosting only 15 feet from our front door!  That spring they had their first brood of baby owlets. Since then, the OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box with OwlView™ has continued to evolve into what it is today: a favorite home for screech owls and people alike!

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OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box (Saw-whet owl too!) with OwlView™


 Each OwlReach Screech Owl Nest Box with OwlView™ is made from insect and weather resistant cedar. Our trademarked OwlView™ entrance and roosting window provides them with a safe spot to roost during the day which they love, and allows you and your family to appreciate them from your home or yard.

 All boxes are made in the USA, from long-lasting cedar wood, perfect for its durability and stability.